"Brent handled with perfect sensitivity some extremely difficult situations in our program and walked a potentially dangerous line with grace and diplomacy. As a ringmaster he excels. He revealed the humour at the appropriate time. As an instructor, I found it a pleasure to watch him, and I have learned from him. As a participant my greatest compliment can be my thanks for bringing me through this and for being an example of what the possibilities are for change."
- J.F.

"Your clear spiritual centeredness and your obvious caring for each individual comes through to create an atmosphere of safety."
- P.S.

"Personable, animated, excellent presentation, knowledgeable, prepared, very funny and captivating, thorough, empathetic and kind."
- S.M.

"It is rare that we get feedback on anything openly these days without pulling teeth and to have our staff actually initiate stating their thoughts and feelings is both refreshing and a testimony to the service we received from Brent."
- L.H.

What People Are
Saying About
Masterlink International

Coaching Testimonials


Land & Water BC hired Brent Stewart to be the coach for our recent 360 degree feedback (25 Manager-level-and-up individuals). The staff from all over the province, given we are dispersed, have phoned and emailed their pleasure at his professional, helpful and personable assistance in presenting the results and in the now on-going coaching. This is a 'two thumbs up' for Brent should anyone (Ministry) ask who might be a great choice for debriefings etc.

L. H., Director, Strategic Human Resources
Land & Water BC Inc.

When first I began working with Brent I did not realize the scope of what we could accomplish together.  After six months I was surprised and impressed by the progress I had made with his coaching. He has helped me improve my communications and relationships with peers, team members and superiors. His no-nonsense approach has helped me push myself to learn new habits and do my job more effectively."

E. O.
Regional Manager,
Canadian Bank


Brent's coaching approach is very comprehensive with an excellent understanding of the dynamics between personal and professional satisfaction and success. He taught me coaching skills that I now use successfully with my staff. As well, Brent is a dynamic speaker and gave me lasting skills to prepare for high profile presentations.  Brent was my secret weapon in preparing fun,uplifting meetings.

Director, Field Finance
Fortune 500 Company


Brent is a great coach!  He is a good listener, creative solution finder, and makes the coaching process fun. Through his coaching efforts, I have gained a broader understanding of my abilities and am empowered to excel.  He helps me to think proactively and positively, and act to improve my skills and situation. I enjoy his special coaching style that combines professionalism with a personal touch.  I am grateful for his support and efforts that have optimized my perspective and performance."

Director, Executive Career Management
Fortune 500 Company


The coaching I receive from Brent amazes me, delights me and has guided me to creating a more powerful, abundant life, full of contribution and celebration. I've received a very broad range of help from Brent and he always appears to have more to offer. I am very grateful to have him in my life"

Executive and Mentor Coach
Wellness Entrepreneur

Ethics Seminar Testimonials


I had the privilege of participating in the Leadership Development Workshop on Ethics today with the rest of my MBA cohort (Royal Roads University).  I was unsure what to expect but was quite impressed with the days proceedings.  I have spent a great deal of my life identifying and solidifying my core values and been happy with my efforts.  I found today's exercise re-affirmed what I have done and continue to believe in within myself.


Thank you for the wonderful workshop today.  It provides further evidence that values continue to be relevant in our world despite the onslaught of money and greed and treachery in our real lives.

Presentation Skills
Coaching Testimonials

Brent is a dynamic speaker and gave me lasting skills to prepare for high profile presentations. Brent was my secret weapon in preparing fun, uplifting meetings.

Director, Field Finance
Fortune 500 Company


My lunch partner came up to me and said “very good presentation... but then I guess you do this a lot” I said no, first time. He said ‘but you’re so confident and you speak so well... (now I’m smiling – mostly inside)... THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Deputy Minister
BC Provincial Government


Public Speaker Testimonials


Best public speaker I have ever encountered.

D. P.

I thought Brent was powerful, yet hysterically funny.

B. M.


The most dynamic person I have ever met. Someone described Brent as “Basil” on Fawlty Towers – I agree. I have never laughed so hard in my life (sore cheekbones)

H. B.


I was impressed beyond words with the clarity and organization of your presentation as well as with your skill at fielding questions – you were respectful clear, encouraging. I also appreciated your humour and the many laughs.

J. T.


You make Robin Williams look boring! I have never laughed so hard in all my life. Thank you

S. B.


You have a very unique and passionate way of presenting. It’s great to see someone who cares so much for humanity.



Initially feeling intimidated... I was able to connect through his tender and vulnerable stories. The gift of laughter and openness was wonderful.

A. H.


I never imagined anyone could make me feel so at ease and give you so many laughs.

T. L

Seminar Testimonials


Brent is, without reservation, the most effective, creative, resourceful facilitator I have ever encountered! Standing ovation from me!

D. K. P.


Brent commands respect, maintains focus, order & direction, but gives us glimpses of compassion, love and humanity at just the right times. I gained incredible respect for how he handled people’s processes. It is times like this where you sense commitment and ability. He has all of these qualities and more.

R. M.


I don’t give these numbers lightly. Brent portrayed a powerful position, tremendous knowledge, and maintained a light-hearted atmosphere.

T. B.


Brent has an amazing skill at helping people. He seems to innately understand what you are asking and what you need.

R. S.


Brent is calm, collected and brilliant! He was confronted with challenging situations and worked wonders!

K. L.

Brent Stewart was seamless. Clear, gave good examples, used humour well. He was dynamic, superb, I could go on and on...

S. A.


Brent is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. He represents self-actualization. He demonstrates his teaching with his life.

A. M.

Team Building Seminar

As a leader, you enhanced our capacity to work collaboratively in teams. We made a giant leap towards aligning our vision and establishing goals that will reform reading instruction at Journey Middle School.

Training Coordinator,
Journey Middle School


The positive energy that flowed for the entire two days was amazing. The whole retreat was a real TEAM BUILDING practice in rebuilding relationships, fostering new ones and growing as a person and team with a vision. I am inspired. Thank you.

M. C.
Chair, professional Development and Technology Committee
Provincial Resource Programs

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