Seminar Design & Facilitation

Known for his humorous style and stimulating content, Brent gets rave reviews for his programs.

As a presenter of both public and corporate seminars, he is recognized for his expertise in several areas, including the following:

Personal Leadership

Based on an exploration of three domains; ground, direction and relationship, Brent’s personal leadership programs provide powerful and engaging platforms for understanding and developing the key elements of effective leadership.

Leadership and Ethics

This program, developed for MBA students, examines some of the philosophical theories that underlie ethical choices. The session explores real-life ethical dilemmas and approaches to solving them. Each participant creates a personal Credo or code of ethics.

Team Building

Not every group of people working together is a team. Teams have special characteristics that distinguish them from working groups and other configurations. Converting a collection of individuals into a team requires conscious effort and skill.This program explores the distinction between teams and other types of useful group structures, and looks at the process of building a team from the ground up. Some of the elements explored include how to create a team charter, negotiate rules of engagement, define useful roles, build trust, improve communication and performance, deal with disagreement, and stimulate creative thinking.

Coaching Skills

The past decade has seen what might be called a “coaching revolution”. An understanding and appreciation of the power of coaching is changing approaches to leadership and management throughout North America. As a result of this awakening, many leaders understand the need to develop coaching skills themselves. The Coaching Clinic®  is a two-day workshop for managers and leaders that assists them in developing the strategic skill of coaching.

Presentation Skills

In addition to individual Presentation Skills Coaching, Brent offers highly effective one and two-day programs that develop these crucial skills in a group setting. Using videotape, intense practice sessions, and expert feedback from an experienced coach and presenter, participants support one another to unleash their power and authenticity at the front of the room. Working on presentation skills together is a potent way to build confidence and competence while building team cohesion.

Brent can tailor his material for a variety of settings, from 
a keynote presentation or two-hour workshop to a full day or multi-day in-depth program.

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