Keynote Presentations

An award-winning speaker known for his humor and story-telling, Brent is a perfect choice for audiences that would like to be both informed and entertained.

Brent has a wide range of material on subjects ranging from powerful leadership practices to principles of personal mastery and coaching tips for managers. He can tailor a topic to suit your audience.

Following are some popular presentations:

The Twin Engines of Success:
Awareness and Responsibility

This presentation explores two critical levers for effectiveness on both a personal and professional level: deeper awareness of self and others, and personal responsibility for our experience. Using humour, personal examples and interactive exercises, Brent leads the group on an exploration of new possibilities for individuals, teams and organizations.

What You See is What You Get:
How Belief Becomes Reality

Small shifts in thinking can produce powerful shifts in results. More than just being positive or negative, the window through which we choose to view events defines in many ways the possible avenues for our behaviour. Through becoming more conscious of these choices in perspective, we can alter the course of our lives.

The Answer Person is Gone:
Understanding the Difference Between Problem-Solving and Leadership

Those who are effective at solving problems are often promoted to positions of leadership. The challenge is that the same problem-solving skills that led to promotion can hinder leadership development. This presentation offers a playful and experiential look at how coaching skills can make leaders more effective.

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